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Rapturously Sexy #MySexySaturday #romance #MSSWeek41

I am delighted to participate in the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop this week. Week 41 is all about that moment when the characters hint at their happily ever after.

The rules are that I post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 words. This Saturday, I decided on 7 sentences from my second book with Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Battling Rapture. In these seven, Niki realizes it might be a delicious thing to be vulnerable with the, oh so sexy Captain Rhine.


** The anticipation sent delicate little shivers down her spine. Then his lips touched hers. Softly at first, they glided across her lips before parting to deepen the delicious contact. His tongue danced with hers and she tried to immerse herself in the exquisite feeling. Whatever this was she felt when with him was addictive. She wanted to absorb what he made her feel into her pores. With a simple kiss he could turn her to mush and convince her she didn’t care if she were vulnerable. **

You can only imagine what comes next. Have you ever given yourself over to a feeling so strong you faced your biggest phobia to have it?

I hoped you enjoyed my 7. There are many more authors waiting to show you peeks into their WIP’s and books. Click the highlighted link that follows to head to the hop.


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Blogging Update

When I first started promoting Enslaved in Desire in October 2011 (I was too green to understand I should have started three months earlier.) I did a couple of guest blogs and chats. I have a few other blog posts floating around out there. I guest blogged on Tina Donahue’s site about true love. Click true love to check it out.

Before I became a Diva over at Sweet N Sexy Divas I did a guest blog on how I sometimes use music as a motivator when I write. To check it out click music. Now that I blog for Sweet N Sexy Divas the first of every month I will have more content to share with you. On February 1, 2012, I blogged on what makes a kiss amazing. Click kiss to check it out.

I like science so sometimes I like to research my interests. I’m sure there are worse things to be into. If you want to chat with me check me out on Twitter or Facebook. The links are to the right. Have a great day!