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Stormie’s (Attempts) at Zen Sunday


I haven’t been very consistent in the last two weeks with my changes. In many ways this is bad, but in a very uncomfortable way it is good.

When I was in college I would have said the Universe was sending challenges my way to test my resolve in my new lifestyle. When I was super religious I would have said the devil was trying to stop me from doing better by sending obstacles to make me give up. Now I don’t know what to think. I know when you attempt any change it is like cleaning a really messy room. It always gets worse before it gets better.

So this is my worse. If I don’t give up it will get better. I have already taken baby steps to change my “every day job”. You really shouldn’t wake up every morning saying, “I hate my life,” because you know you have to go there. Meditation showed me this. I would be calm and then think about my job and immediately begin to tense and become angry. I couldn’t even enjoy Sunday because I was thinking about going to work on Monday.

I will keep changing. It is very painful. My hope is to reach the point where I won’t be too tired to write after work without two cups of really strong coffee. That was my goal when I started. I just wanted the energy to write. Along the way I’ve discovered my life is full of energy suckers and the process may take a little longer than I imagined.

Do you have any people, excuses, lifestyle habits or even situations that are keeping you from your ideal life? What are your energy suckers and what are you doing to get rid of them?


Stormie’s (Attempts) at Zen Sunday

Last week I decided to give meditation a try. I am happy to report, I’ve been able to use the meditation cd each day. It did help me focus, and I was able to get at least one salvageable scene from the short story I am attempting to write. It was a ridiculously busy week with several looming deadlines. I made it. I did some very basic meditation to start.

Here are the details.

If you like, play soothing, meditative  music such as Lifescapes’s  Zen Relaxation cd. Sit comfortably in a chair, with your back straight, and shoulders relaxed. I was instructed to place my right hand palm up in my left allowing the tips of my thumbs to touch, and rest my hands on my lap. Eyes should be closed or only partially open. Then concentrate on each inhalation and exhalation, allowing thoughts that intrude to slip away without forcing them. Simply return your mind to each breath.

If you have another technique, please feel free to share in the comments.

My goal for this week is to keep up everything I’ve started, and add a guarantee of  at least  three servings of vegetables three days a week. I know, I should already have this habit. When I was younger I was a vegetable fanatic, now, I’m a meatatarian.

Are you making any changes in your life so you can be healthy enough to pursue your passion?



Stormie’s (Attempts) at Zen Sunday


Do you ever have the feeling you could be more productive if you didn’t feel so tired, frazzled, sick or just plain old blah? Just like many other people, I have an everyday job (EDJ), my part-time job (my writing), a young family and various obligations. My schedule is so full I’ve fallen asleep in my laptop more times than I care to admit. I’m sure I’m not alone.

What was I supposed to do anyway? There wasn’t any room for a lifestyle make-over in my schedule. Then my tiredness began affecting my writing. I have to write after the day job and family obligations are over each day. I wasn’t getting to it. I was asleep instead. My laptop was looking at me while I snored away.

Completely unacceptable. Unhappiness ensued.

So, I vowed to change, modify, subtract or add one lifestyle habit each week with each week building on the last. Two weeks ago I started taking vitamins again. I know I started very small, but when you aren’t doing anything, a little bit feels like a lot. I am managing most days with the vitamins and I am not as tired, though that isn’t saying much.

Last week was supposed to be exercise, three days a week. *Crickets* Okay, I managed one day. Any other time this would have derailed me, but not this time. I’ll just add that goal to this week’s goal: meditation.

Remember, I’m doing all this to have the energy and focus to write. I have to write. Writing is the only thing that I do just for me. Everything else is for the care and feeding of my family.

So I pulled out my dusty DVD called, Practical Meditation With Buddhist Principles. I wanted to brush up on my skills. The DVD is great for giving basic instructions, encouragement and form. And the music/sounds are soothing, but I found I was distracted by the monk’s talking. I turned it off and tried to concentrate on my inhalations and exhalations.

It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. My mind drifted to my WIP’s plot. I was distracted by my grocery list and the to-do list for the day. I had an itch between my shoulder blades. Heck, I even started daydreaming about Orko from the cartoon He-Man. I wrote him a plot line and everything. Why? I don’t know.

The monk in the video calls this the Monkey Mind. That was distracting in itself. I don’t like references to monkeys. EVER. He just meant that in the beginning the mind is disquiet. I have characters in my head. My head is a bit more disquiet than I want to admit.

I hope my mind can get quiet soon. I will also spend some time over at, Learning Meditation,  I have been to their site before and found it helpful. Maybe I’ll get a relaxing sounds cd as well.

Is anyone else on a journey to achieve health and happiness? I’ll be here every Sunday sharing my struggle. Feel free to offer your advice. Next week I add more vegetables to my life. *Sigh*