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Guest Blog Update: Emotions Pt. 1

Human Emotion

We give our characters human emotion and the emotion drives their motivation. What are human emotions and how do they feel as we experience them? I am blogging about the subject at  SNSD today. Join the discussion at Sweet n Sexy Divas.

Blogging Update

Thanks to everyone who chatted with me at Elise Hepner’s blog yesterday. Today I do my monthly post at Sweet N Sexy Divas. I kick off my birthday month (yes, I need a month) with a post on romance deal breakers. What would make you put a romance novel down and walk away?


Guest Blog and Contest Update


I am blogging today at Elise Hepner’s blog today. Stop by and say hello. I’m also holding a contest for an Ebook copy of Enslaved in Desire. I hope to see you there.


My Top Five Hero Requirements

Hello Everyone,

It is the first of the month again and I am blogging about My Top Five Hero Requirements at Sweet N Sexy Divas. I blog there the first of every month. Feel free to to drop by and leave a comment. It is a fun look at what I find sexy in a hero. The excerpt is spicy as well so, adults only please.


Blogging Update

When I first started promoting Enslaved in Desire in October 2011 (I was too green to understand I should have started three months earlier.) I did a couple of guest blogs and chats. I have a few other blog posts floating around out there. I guest blogged on Tina Donahue’s site about true love. Click true love to check it out.

Before I became a Diva over at Sweet N Sexy Divas I did a guest blog on how I sometimes use music as a motivator when I write. To check it out click music. Now that I blog for Sweet N Sexy Divas the first of every month I will have more content to share with you. On February 1, 2012, I blogged on what makes a kiss amazing. Click kiss to check it out.

I like science so sometimes I like to research my interests. I’m sure there are worse things to be into. If you want to chat with me check me out on Twitter or Facebook. The links are to the right. Have a great day!