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Alpha, Beta, Gamma Male? #eroticromance #hero #alphamale

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Male?

We often call our heroes alpha males. Good looking, tough, aggressive, intelligent, charismatic and natural leaders, our heroes are the envy of other men and desired by women. Those same characteristics can make them a bit rigid and self-centered. How do we begin to redeem them when initially they may have some less than stellar characteristics?

I find I love a hero more if, when he meets the heroine, he can display some of the characteristics I think of as belonging to a beta. The beta doesn’t always need to lead. He listens to others and he is naturally expressive with affection. I don’t want this all the time though. I have a natural aversion to it as a matter of fact. I feel it makes the character more special if he maintains his edge while showing these characteristics with the heroine and fragile people in his care.

I read an article recently which talked about a gamma male. Apparently, the gamma male is a combination of alpha and beta. He is strong, charismatic, yet sensitive to others. Maybe. I read another report that likened a gamma male to an omega male. I don’t think these labels are set in stone, though I like the idea of an alpha – beta combo.

What do you think? Are heroes better with a softer side?

I’m talking more about alpha and beta heroes at Sweet N Sexy Divas today. Stop by and check it out. In the meantime, have a peek at a few super sexy heroes below.




Earth freedom fighter Shunyuan, vows to rid Earth of its alien oppressors even as he is abducted into space to be a slave. He’s rescued by a band of female pirates, and agrees to sexually pleasure their lovely captain in return for help returning to Earth. He never expected to end up the beautiful alien’s mate—or to find bliss in her arms.

Captain Acia must use a man’s body for sex during the seven days of her fervor or suffer debilitating pain.  She makes a deal with Shunyuan, never imagining he’s her mate. She finds herself bound to a captive who wants to return to his world—without her.

Their sensual bond and sizzling passion tie them together even as Shunyuan’s duty to Earth’s rebellion threatens to tear them apart.


The following excerpt is for those readers who are 18 and over only.

Copyright © Stormie Kent, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

This warrior-man fascinated Acia. She felt the fervor, which had subsided some during the battle, flare to life. Heat and tension settled between her legs and her nipples pulled taut. Wetness soaked her panties.

“Keep the tall one, Acia. You will need him,” Cheris said.

“We don’t traffic in humanoids, Cheris.” She blew out slowly, trying to dispel the urge to go to him and rub her body against his.

“Ask him.” Cheris nodded.

The male spoke in a language she could not understand. She needed to calibrate her Language Interpreter. The LI would need to adjust to this new language.

“You want me to ask a perfect stranger, an alien slave, to keep me sexually satisfied while I go through my first fervor? He could be a murderer.”

“What other choice do you have? Go all the way to Dovia? You can’t stop staring. You want him. The fervor wants him. Tell him we will transport them to a friendly planet if he does this for you.”

The fervor flared higher, streaking through her entire body. Tendrils of heat branched out from her core. She’d waited too long to find a man to help her through her time.

Acia took a deep breath to steady herself. “Unchain them, but guard your weapons.”

Acia instructed her crew to adjust their LIs. Acia adjusted her LI as well. There was mumbling among the alien men and women as they were released. Finally she could make out words from their foreign tongue.

“You, warrior, I would speak with you.” She cursed her voice, which she knew sounded as sweet as flowers in a light breeze.

“You’ve freed us.” He stepped closer. “Or is this a trick?”

“There is no trick. But maybe I haven’t done you any favors. You are free to take this vessel and leave,” Acia replied. A new sheen of perspiration released from her pores as she tried to contain the fervor. The presence of a humanoid male made it almost impossible. “My crew and I will be appropriating the cargo.”

He grimaced. “We wouldn’t know how to fly this ship. We would be easily targeted sitting here. Can you take us to a safe place or back to Earth?”

Acia held herself rigid even though her body was demanding she display for this man signs she was ready to mate. If she bent over to let him mount her she would expire on the spot. “You aren’t even in the same galaxy as your Earth anymore, warrior. Passage on our vessel is limited and—”

“There is a way you could pay the way for your people. Of course they would still have to work to earn their keep,” Cheris said.

“No, Cheris.” It was difficult to talk through clenched teeth.

“How would I do that?” he asked. He frowned at Acia’s first officer.

Acia raised her hand to halt Cheris’s next words. “It is not something I would ask of—”

“As the first officer to your captain, you hold rank, but as the woman who raised you, I demand my right to speak.”

Acia clamped her lips together. The other woman had raised her and protected her during their enslavement. Cheris was the person who deserved parenting rights over Acia. She deserved the privilege of counseling her.

Cheris turned to the man. “What is your name, warrior?”

He blinked. Acia could imagine it had been awhile since anyone had asked him his name.

“I am Shunyuan Taylor.”

“Well, Shunyuan Taylor. We are Dovian. Our females go through a stage when they become women called the fervor. Captain Acia is entering her first fervor and needs a man to rut with her for the next seven risings,” Cheris said. Her voice was calm.

Shunyuan Taylor looked from Cheris to her. His gaze started at the top of Acia’s lcin-red hair and passed over the pearlescent whiteness of her skin. She knew he was taking in their differences. The Dovians had pale-white skin that shimmered underneath with a faint silver-and-gold sparkle tones. She glanced at the women huddled with her crew. She realized how different she must look to him from the cream, peach and brown of the Earth women with him.

She was much shorter than Shunyuan Taylor. Her figure was willowy. The females with him were more rounded than she would ever hope to be.

“You are not a woman full grown?” he asked.

Acia’s jaw tightened. “I am an adult Dovian with twenty-four summers. I only become a full woman after my first fervor.”

“If I…have sex with you will be taken to a safe place where we can make our way back to our planet?” he asked.

How could he speak with his jaw clenched so tightly? His mouth turned down at the corners. His entire body was rigid as if she were offering him the highest offense. Maybe she was. Her eyes skittered away from his. Pride wouldn’t allow her to answer him.

“Yes. You will be exhausted when she is done with you. I will even give you some credits for necessities,” Cheris said.


“Parent rights, Acia, parent rights.” The other woman still watched Shunyuan Taylor.

He stared at Acia for a long time. His eyes were intense and not in a pleasant way. “I will do as you ask.”

“Then we have a deal, Earth man. Do understand, if you hurt her, I will kill you slowly.”

Acia bowed her head.

“I understand,” he said.

“Is one of these Earth women your female, Shunyuan Taylor?” Acia asked.

“No.” He paused for a moment. The line of his mouth eased slightly. “You must call me Shunyuan.”

“Shunyuan,” Acia repeated.

“It’s settled. I will take care of our cargo and manage our new guests. Acia, take Shunyuan Taylor to your quarters. You are showing signs of full fervor and should be very uncomfortable by now. Get food and drink for him. There is no need for dehydration.” Cheris turned away to direct the bots as they came into the cargo area to secure boxes.

Acia sighed as she stared at the back of the older woman’s black hair. Acia felt her body loosen and break free from the restraints she placed on it. Her thighs had a mind of their own and slid against each other as she tightened the muscles in her woman’s core. More moisture pooled there as she turned to look at her first sexual partner.

“This way.” She noticed huskiness in her voice that hadn’t been there before. Her walk held more side-to-side sway than normal.

She didn’t know what to expect from him. Would he be as gentle as a Dovian man would? The hard lines of his face and body did not suggest he would be. All she knew was she had to have him. He would be the only being standing between her and mental and physical torture.

*****                                                    *****                                                    *****



Camryn is taken captive after Earth is invaded by hostile aliens. She is sold as an exotic, an expensive sex slave. Camryn is willing to do anything to survive and escape captivity. That includes convincing her master that she enjoys his touch. Then she is purchased by the sexy warrior Venn. Now she must convince herself that she can resist a male whose every caress ignites a passion she has never known.

Venn is an empathic and hyper-sensitive tribal lord from planet Ordan. He has never owned a slave, yet he cannot resist the beautiful Earth woman. She teases his heightened senses and pushes past the control he has over his emotions. Venn struggles to own Camryn’s body with scorching sex and a firm hand. And when his possession of her body is complete, he’ll try to claim her soul.


The following excerpt is for those readers who are 18 and over only.

Copyright © Stormie Kent, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

He crowded her back and she watched in the mirror. He was dressed for meetings in a black dress coat, crisp white shirt and fitted black pants. The contrast of her nude body pressed against his fully clothed form made her press back against him to feel the pleasure of the smooth material against her hot skin.

“I didn’t tell you to move, sweet.” He stepped back.

She groaned. Her eyes clashed with his in the mirror.

“What’s with the restraint?” she asked.

“I know you like it when I hold you down, but I wanted to use my hands today. And you did say it would take chains to keep you in one place,” he replied.

She remained as still as possible and he watched her for a while before moving behind her once more. She wanted to think she would resist him, but she couldn’t. When he got like this, he wasn’t going to be put off and she liked how he handled her too much. She liked that he took all the passion and barbarian in himself and locked it down, only for it to emerge again once he’d made her mindless. She knew it was there, just sitting under the surface of his skin. She could see it in the way his smile didn’t match the fire in his eyes.

He gathered her hair in one hand and wrapped it once around his hand. He pulled her head gently to the side. She curled her toes into the carpet so she wouldn’t move.

His other hand came up, but only one finger trailed her throat from her hairline to her shoulder. His mouth followed and his cool hair swung forward and trailed over her arm and breast. He did the same thing over and over again to the back of her neck and then transferred her hair to his other hand and worked the same magic on the other side of her neck. He tugged harder on her hair and the pleasure shot straight to her cunt.

He stepped beside her and leaned forward, raining kisses on her chin and neck. Then he turned her loose completely. She whimpered.

“Keep your eyes on your face and body in the mirror,” he said, lacing his voice with command.

She stared into his eyes in the mirror. Then she lowered her gaze to her own face. Her eyes were slumberous. Her bottom lip was swollen where she’d bitten it in concentration and she was flushed.

“Beautiful,” he said.

*****                                                    *****                                                    *****



Niki is captured by hostile aliens after Earth is invaded. Once a soldier, she is now a slave. She is sold to the highest bidder, and then lost in a game of cards to a tall Ordanian spaceship captain, who claims to have been sent to rescue her. They work together to survive the dangers of the United Universe, while Niki battles her desire for the only man to ever enflame her mind, body and soul.

Captain Rhine’s mission is to reunite the Earth woman with her family. Outmaneuvering beast shifters and a crazed stalker are the very least he is willing to do to keep her by his side. Her touch ignites his passion. Her scent drives his lust. Her strength eases his soul even as she challenges him every step of the way. In the end, Rhine understands, the biggest battle is for her heart.



The following excerpt is for those readers who are 18 and over only.

Copyright © Stormie Kent, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

He leaned over her. His stomach muscles bunched and rolled above her. She opened her mouth, barely stopping her tongue from peeking out and tasting him. She looked up instead. He wrapped the rope around her wrists, apparently finding it easy to manipulate the thick cord. He fastened the other end around the top horizontal solid bar of the headboard.

He ran his hands softly over her inner arms. She shivered. She tensed as he grabbed her face a little more roughly. She looked into his eyes. Anticipation wound tightly within her. What would he do next?

“You have two dresses in my bag, correct?” he asked close to her mouth.

She hesitated. He squeezed her face a little tighter.

“Yes.” She stared him in the eye.

“Good.” He let her go. He moved down so that he sat between her legs, which had opened despite her desire not to appear too eager. His cock rested against the juncture of her legs. She could feel its mass through the layers of her skirt and leggings.

He sat back, grabbed her bodice and ripped it straight down the middle. She gasped. Shock held her still for a moment. Then her pussy gushed. This was just wrong. The man had tied her to a bed and literally ripped her top off and she was creaming her panties. Her head fell back and she tugged on the ties around her wrists. She was secured tightly.

Her attention snapped back to Rhine as she felt two large hands cup her breasts. They teased, squeezed and rolled her tits and she enjoyed every minute of it.

“Found some new toys.” She panted and suppressed a groan.

“Mine,” he said. He stared at her breasts hungrily. He slid down her body.

“I don’t know about—” She gasped as he sucked her right nipple into his mouth. Her eyes rolled up into her head for a moment.

“Okay, you can borrow them for a while.” If he kept up the delicious suction, she’d be begging him to try it a little lower in no time.

*****                                                    *****                                                    *****

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MFRW Summer Camp #MFRWcamp #MFRWorg

Want to learn more about the craft of writing and promoting? Come on over to Marketing for Romance Writers’ FREE Summer camp. Follow this link to the directions to join.

Marketing for Romance Writers Yahoo

Summer camp will be going on until July 14, 2013. You definitely don’t want to miss it.

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See you there!

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen

WP offered me this prompt today: Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

I have mixed feelings about this concept. I would love to visit the early 20th century and experience 1930’s or 1940’s fashion. It would be epic to stand next to my mom and grandmom at the March on Washington. To be a writer during the Harlem Renaissance, surrounded by the constant birth and expression of new ideas about self and group identity would have been something I might choose wholeheartedly…

Until I remembered I couldn’t be who I am today. I am Black woman with two degrees. I didn’t have to march through an angry mob each day to reach class and earn those degrees. My daughter and son attend school with children of other races and I only have to look for and correct a few cultural biases in their education. If we were victims of a hate crime, I’m reasonably sure it would be investigated and the crime punished. Most of the time.

I also enjoy 21st century technology. The internet, computers, Epi-pens, and air conditioning are all perks. I write interracial, multi-cultural, sci-fi and paranormal erotic romances. (Say that five times fast.) In paperback and ebook. Could I have been me in the early part of the last century or earlier?

I think the answer is pretty clear.

What about you? When in human history would you rather be?


Light Bondage and Silken Sheets

I’m a guest blogger at Silken Sheets and Seduction today talking about light bondage. Stop by and leave a comment!

7 Line Challenge and a Blush #eroticromance

I was challenged by Elise VanCise to a little game. I am to post  7 lines from either the 7th line down on either the 7th or 77th page of my book or work in progress. I chose this excerpt from my new release Battling Rapture. This section is a moment after a hello, curl your toes kiss. Enjoy!

He pulled away and looked at her with his head slanted to the side.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi.” She blushed again. She knew she did. Her face was hot and his eyes scanned her from hairline to chin. The blushing was getting embarrassing.

“Do you know when you do that your breasts blush too,” he said.

Click here for a longer excerpt and buy links.

Who else is participating in the challenge?

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SFR Brigade Presents: Battling Rapture #sfrbp

Here is a 200 word excerpt from my new Ellora’s Cave release, Battling Rapture.

She filled bags with medicines, needles and bandages. She saw a pile of hospital gowns and shoved those in too. She had a little of everything loaded into the packs, including soap, hospital toothbrushes and sheets. Their third salvage mission might be their last. The next time they came, the entire place could be vaporized. This was the only city for miles which still contained the original architecture and infrastructure—even if it was in ruins.

She walked to the gaping hole in the wall. Craters dotted the landscape. Some were filled with buildings, others with vehicles. The building across from her had the top two floors collapsed in. All the windows were blown out. She looked down. Movement caught her eye, and she quickly hid behind what was left of a pillar. She carefully peered down again and relaxed when she noticed it was only a pack of stray dogs.

At least it isn’t a lion or tiger from the zoo.

She heard a whistle, and then a man stepped into the doorway.

“You ready, Niki?” Antoine said.

“Yes, let’s get these down to the wagons and go get the others. I hope they found baby formula and ammunition.”

*Check out the link above for more sci-fi excerpts from super authors.*

Ellora’s Cave’s New Look

Win a Lenevo ThinkPad!

My publisher Ellora’s Cave has a brand new look today. If you stop by the site using this link,


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Guest Blog Update: Emotions Pt. 1

Human Emotion

We give our characters human emotion and the emotion drives their motivation. What are human emotions and how do they feel as we experience them? I am blogging about the subject at  SNSD today. Join the discussion at Sweet n Sexy Divas.

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello Everyone,

This is my first Six Sentence Sunday ( This excerpt is from my Ellora’s Cave eBook,  Enslaved in Desire during the moment the alien Venn has Earth woman Camryn safely aboard his spaceship and is assessing her without the alien market audience.

It was as he’d come closer to her in the market that he had noticed her scent. Some of the Earth women they had seen had a similar scent, but none as strong as this one. She smelled like fantasy, long nights and deep desire. It was musky and sweet at the same time.  Around him, his cousins’ nostrils flared.

“Mine,” he said, using his neutral voice.

Let me know what you think. 😉