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Welcome to my stop on the My Sexy Saturday Bloghop.

The theme this week is Sexy Me Up. The prompt challenges us to, “Think about the Pygmalion types…those who don’t think they are sexy…and suddenly, all those around realize just how desirable they are. Or how about those who have just gotten over a bad breakup and need a little reassurance that they are indeed sexy.”

I searched through a current work-in-progress for my inspiration. My heroines tend to have an “f” them if they don’t like it frame of mind, so I had to dig a bit to find a character with a question about their appeal. In these 7 sentences, our leading lady has just finished asking if the leading man didn’t find her attractive because of their differing ethnicities. He quickly lays her fears to rest.


His hand rested against her rapid heartbeat. “I can only imagine how exquisite our bodies would look together entwined in passion.”

She made a small noise in her throat. “Well, why then?”

Her brown eyes sparked. It was the little note of fire in her which would make claiming her so sweet. The deep brown of her soft breasts contrasted with the lighter tan of his hand. 

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About Stormie Kent

Stormie Kent is the author of romance with science-fiction, paranormal and contemporary elements. The universe she has envisioned for her erotic sci-fi romances are filled with warrior men and the women who fiercely love them. Space pirates abound with dueling goals of stealing your credits and your life or stealing villain credits and freeing the slaves of the United Universe. Stormie has imagined a world where the hostile alien invasion of the third planet from the Sun forces each surviving resident of a fractured Earth to seize their destiny or perish. Enslaved in Desire and Battling Rapture are available now.

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  1. Nice snippet. I liked the “little note of fire” mention.

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