Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen

WP offered me this prompt today: Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be? http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/daily-prompt-modern/

I have mixed feelings about this concept. I would love to visit the early 20th century and experience 1930’s or 1940’s fashion. It would be epic to stand next to my mom and grandmom at the March on Washington. To be a writer during the Harlem Renaissance, surrounded by the constant birth and expression of new ideas about self and group identity would have been something I might choose wholeheartedly…

Until I remembered I couldn’t be who I am today. I am Black woman with two degrees. I didn’t have to march through an angry mob each day to reach class and earn those degrees. My daughter and son attend school with children of other races and I only have to look for and correct a few cultural biases in their education. If we were victims of a hate crime, I’m reasonably sure it would be investigated and the crime punished. Most of the time.

I also enjoy 21st century technology. The internet, computers, Epi-pens, and air conditioning are all perks. I write interracial, multi-cultural, sci-fi and paranormal erotic romances. (Say that five times fast.) In paperback and ebook. Could I have been me in the early part of the last century or earlier?

I think the answer is pretty clear.

What about you? When in human history would you rather be?


About Stormie Kent

Stormie Kent is the author of romance with science-fiction, paranormal and contemporary elements. The universe she has envisioned for her erotic sci-fi romances are filled with warrior men and the women who fiercely love them. Space pirates abound with dueling goals of stealing your credits and your life or stealing villain credits and freeing the slaves of the United Universe. Stormie has imagined a world where the hostile alien invasion of the third planet from the Sun forces each surviving resident of a fractured Earth to seize their destiny or perish. Enslaved in Desire and Battling Rapture are available now.

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